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He never rushed the process and never made us feel pressured in any way…

My family and I have been coming here for over 3 months now and have always had the best experience!

Jill, their receptionist, is a sweetheart and has always gone above and beyond to accommodate our hectic schedules. She has always welcomed us and made us feel right at home.

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Dr. Virk is extremely knowledgeable and personable. He eased all of our initial concerns by patiently answering all of our many questions and helped set us up with a detailed plan, specific to each of our individual needs. He never rushed the process and never made us feel pressured in any way, like at some other places. All our interactions with Dr. Virk has been nothing but pleasant!

We (myself, fiancee, and daughter) mainly get adjusted by Dr. Sahota. He is caring, gentle, and professional, and has made us all feel extremely comfortable since our very first appointment. With each adjustment, he talks to us step by step, letting us know what he’s going to do and why he’s doing it, answers any questions we have, and always gives us tips to leave with so we can further our progress in between appointments. We decided to get our daughter a plan as well, and she went from having a slight tilt/unbalance on one side to a corrected posture now! Dr. Sahota goes above and beyond to help our 4-year old feel safe and comfortable when she gets her adjustments done. When we get in now, she’ll automatically climb onto the bed and wait patiently for her turn! He even involves her and lets her “help” him when it’s my turn. She’s grown a newfound passion to “adjust” everyone when we’re at home! lol

We’re only about half-way through our treatment plan, and have another few months to go, but we’ve already seen incredible progress and results! All in all, we’ve had consistently great experiences with everyone here at Southcenter Chiropractic and highly recommend this place to everyone!

~Thao N.

We have gone for adjustments once a week for at least 15 years

Dr. Virk is the Best.. We have gone for Adjustments once a week for at least 15 years now! Good maintenance never sick an can move freely no back or neck pain..thank you Dr. Virk!

~Janell P.

They have great customer service in the Front Desk. The Doctors are great!

I was referral there by my bother-in-law. I went in when I was in a car accident. My body was aching and I was in a lot of pain. They have great customer service in the front desk.

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Dr. Sahota and Dr. Virk are great people. I was receiving chiropractic and massaging therapy when I was there. I feel better now than the first time I went there, thank you!!

~Ratt T.

I’m not sure where I would be today without them!

Ten years ago my MD diagnosed me with MS, due to multiple and various symptoms. I went to see Dr. Virk. I had never visited a Chiropractor before or even had my spine x-rayed. Several problems were immediately evident.

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After three months of intensive treatment by Dr. Virk, my symptoms began to go away.
Now I have none and I am much healthier. I still see Dr. Virk, though not as often, but for regular maintenance to keep me in good health. I am not quite sure where I would be today without good and regular chiropractic treatment. Highly recommended!

~Pierce W.

He takes a holistic approach…

Dr. Sahota is a miracle-worker! Not really, but he is the closest I’ve found to such a thing.  He has walked me through the healing process as I deal with the ramifications of a car accident.  He takes an holistic approach, correcting my neck and back, while also providing tips on how I can my other improvements through lifestyle changes.  And, when I get frustrated, Dr. Sahota provides enthusiastic motivation.  Thanks for slowly giving me my life back!

~Lisa L.

My immune system improved!

I have been a patient of Dr. Virk’s for the past three years and have truly had a great experience. His passion for the practice of Chiropractic is matched by his deep knowledge of it, a professional, caring and assuring manner and a genuine interest in improving the health of his patients.

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I originally started going to him for some back problems (that have long since disappeared), but continue to work with him on a regular basis for the the benefits. He told me my immune system would improve with regular chiropractic work, and incidences of illness would go down. Well, I have only been ill a couple of times the past three years- all the more remarkable as I work personally with students (as a tennis coach) and used to get several illnesses a year! The staff at Southcenter Chiropractic & Wellness Center is unfailingly professional and pleasant, and the office has a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Note: I have also enjoyed some of the other excellent services at Dr. Virk’s office, including massage therapy and having custom orthotics prepared for me. Highly recommended.

~Alan O.

Extremely knowledgeable…atmosphere is great and the staff is friendly and professional

I have been visiting Dr. Virk for about 4 months. He is extremely knowledgeable and produces great results. Since going to him I have seen continuous improvement in my neck and back. The atmosphere is great, and the staff is friendly and professional. I would recommend anyone in need of chiropractic care to go see Dr. Virk at Southcenter Chiropractic.

~Michael D.

Give chiropractic a try…Dr. Virk always listens first

Give chiropractic a try because you might be surprised at the results of a professional especially one who owns their own practice! I had an on and off tingling in my hands when I found Dr. Virk’s booth at the Women’s Show with my sister. I sometimes would also wake up with that same feeling and it would take a while to wear off.

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I realized I wanted to talk to the doctor about my neck pain as well. It was giving me headaches and personally I don’t like taking anything and like to wait for things to run their cycle but this would not stop running its cycle. The tingling and neck pain took a couple of months to go away. Now I feel I am more aware of all the times I spent at work looking down with a stiff neck. I now know how important the stretches are that Dr. Virk recommended for me. Dr. Virk always listens first. He is great at letting you tell him what I bothering you and then giving you advice on how to feel better!

~Christie W.

Back pain is not a deciding factor…

For six to eight years I have had low back pain. Gradually it was getting worse as time went on. My lower back pain was to the point where I couldn’t sit very long. When I went hiking, I had to lie down on a bench because it was even too painful to sit. In the navy the docs would always tell me it was an inflamed muscle, and then give me horsepill ibuprofen, which only dulled the pain.

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In July, I decided to come to Dr. Virk after I realized I was tired of buying value bottles of Ibuprofen from Fred Meyer. I was hesitant about seeing a chiropractor, but Dr. Virk really drove it home when he checked my posture by having me close my eyes and do some tests. When I opened my eyes I saw in the mirror that it almost looked like I was standing on one foot! Now after about a month, I am not laying in bed because of back pain. Back pain is not a deciding factor on what I am going to do!

~James C.

My stresses feel more manageable…

I found this office at the Puyallup fair, they were offering free spinal checks and made me an appointment based on their findings. I came into the office for hip pain. My hip was hurting so bad all day, every day. It would wake me up in the middle of the night, and would shoot pain down into my ankle making my ankle hurt. The pain was causing me to limp and made my legs feel uneven.

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I even had tingling in my toes. The pain has progressively been getting worse over the last 4 years. I have a desk job with a high stress level. I was often crabby at work because of how uncomfortable I was. I have been seeing Dr. Virk for three weeks now and did not expect to have all the results I have had. I feel like my life is completely different after these three weeks of care although all of my other life stresses are the same, nothing else has changed. I have no more pain in my hip or ankle. I am walking without limping. I am sleeping completely through the night when I literally have not slept all the way through the night in years. I have been able to quit smoking! I have tried many times and it has been so hard, but this time it felt easy. I don’t feel the need to have a cigarette. My stresses feel more manageable when I am not having so much pain. My co-workers have been telling me I have been so sweet and happy lately. It is incredible how much has changed from the relief of the pain I was in. I really appreciated that Dr. Virk explained to me in detailed terms that were understandable what needed to be done. I could visualize what he was saying and it made sense to me. Dr. Virk’s office is clean, organized, and feels welcoming and relaxed. I feel very confident that when I am done with my treatment plan I will look back and wonder who was this woman’s body I was living in for so long!

~Belinda P.

The pain was gone…

I was at the Seattle Home Show when I heard about Southcenter Chiropractic. I had been living with back pain from a hiatal hernia for the past few years. There was pressure on the clusters of muscles in my back, which caused heartburn. It was a deep pain that I could feel all the way through my chest and into my back. I tried not to let it interfere with my daily life; I just lived with it.

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After the first adjustment, the heartburn was gone.. Not only do I no longer suffer the daily discomfort from heartburn, but I’ve been sleeping better and feeling more relaxed too!

~David V.

I can’t remember having any leg or back pain at all…

I found out about Southcenter Chiropractic when I was at the Puyallup Fair two years ago. For years I had experienced pain in my lower back and down my left leg. The pain would get so bad sometimes that I would have to stop and crouch down to get relief. I saw a chiropractor back in high school because of an injury to my back, but had had trouble finding time in my work schedule to get into see one again. I have been getting regular adjustments for a year and a half now, and within a few months,

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I felt significant improvement in my pain levels. In fact, for the last several months, I can’t remember having any leg or back pain at all. The best part about my experience at Southcenter Chiropractic is that I no longer have to worry when I go out with friends, how much walking will there be? Where will I be able to sit down and rest? Those just aren’t issues anymore. I think some people who are in pain are afraid to see a chiropractor because they think it will hurt; it doesn’t. I’ve never felt any discomfort from the adjustments I get. I haven’t met the massage therapist or acupuncturist yet because they aren’t part of my care, but everyone here that I have met, the doctor, and the front office staff, are so friendly. It’s very personable and you feel like family.

~Charlie B.

I can honestly say that I now live with almost no pain in my hip…

“I’ve been coming to Southcenter Chiropractic for 14 years, maybe more! I worked for UPS at the time and needed my hips adjusted. I had hip pain that would radiate from my knee down to my ankle. It really limited physical activity with my family. The pain had been going on for nearly 30 years, since I broke my leg when I was a teenager and without consistent chiropractic adjustments, the pain always came back.

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I never really felt like pain medication did any good, but occasionally I would take Ibuprofen when it got really bad. I finally decided to get the help I needed to relieve the chronic pain. My son, who is now 16, has been getting regular adjustments from Dr. Virk since he was 3 years old! I now bring both my sons and my husband to see Dr. Virk. He treats us all as if we were his own family and I truly believe we are a healthier family because of the regular care we receive. We seldom get colds or flu because of our strengthened immune systems. I can honestly say that I now live with almost no pain in my hip due to the maintenance care I receive. My family and I love the sincere interest Dr. Virk takes in our lives. Anyone who is living in chronic pain should try maintenance care; it is well worth the benefits you will receive year after year!”

~Sandra R.