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Introducing Tukwila Massage Therapist, Ailene Lagat

A native of Savannah, Georgia Ailene graduated from Everest College in 2013. Experienced in Spa & Treatment work she has worked at an Injury center providing therapeutic massage and has also pampered clients at an all-women’s spa. Her passion though has always been helping people getting relief from pain. She believes in natural healing without the use of drugs, and encourages the use of natural remedies like Chiropractic, Ayurvedic and Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) remedies. She also specializes in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (foot Massage) which is considered the most luxurious massage on the planet. In her spare time, she thoroughly enjoys playing piano, reading mystery novels, & hanging out with her 4 cats. She wants to change the world one body at a time with her two hands and or feet.

From the Massage Therapist

Why did I become a massage therapist? To better people’s lives and to better my community. Over the years I have volunteered my services of chair massage at farmers markets, schools, sporting events and fundraisers. I became a therapist of the healing arts because I believe it is not a luxury, but a necessity.