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Introducing Tukwila Chiropractor, Dr. Ranvir Sahota

Tukwila Chiropractor

Dr. Sahota, Tukwila Chiropractor

Southcenter Chiropractic is pleased to welcome Ranvir Sahota, Doctor of Chiropractic. He is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West. He also attended Central Washington University where he earned his bachelors in biology. Dr.Sahota uses a variety of techniques to provide the most effective treatment for his patients. He uses a “whole body approach” when caring for his patients. He combines a hands on approach with the latest in rehabilitation therapy and instrumentation.

From the Doctor

Why did I become a chiropractor? I was always interested in a profession that could help people become healthier and achieve their goals, a career in chiropractic had yet to cross my mind. As a cross country runner low back and knee pain limited my performances and I could not find any solution. The pain levels got so bad that biking and swimming were my only options for training.

My dad recommended trying chiropractic because it helped him recover after a big car accident. He brought me to see Dr. Virk at Southcenter Chiropractic and the first adjustment I received changed my life.
In one visit my pain was nearly gone and I was able to better understand where my injuries were coming from. My curiosity and knowledge for the nervous system grew with each visit to the office. With regular adjustments my race times improved and my body felt healthier than ever before.

This experience motivated me to make a change and I decided that chiropractic school was the next step. After earning my Bachelor’s degree from Central Washington University I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California.

While in school I served on the sports council for three years treating athletes at numerous events including San Jose State Rugby, the North Face Challenge, and the Sea Otter Classic. Following my graduation from chiropractic school I decided to move back home to the Great Northwest. Today, I am proud to be working at the very clinic that inspired me to become a chiropractor and I look forward to educating and helping my patients achieve their goals.